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Interview with LSW Partner – Artur Zawadowski

The development perspectives of LSW and a new restructuring and financing practice, his observations on the legal market, as well as plans for 2019 – about all this we talk with a recently nominated LSW Partner, Artur Zawadowski.


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LSW after hours

The various sports passions of the LSW team have isnpired the creation of the LSW Sport section.

This is the place where information about success is exchanged, experiences are shared, a database of knowledge about our training methods. First and foremost however, LSW sport is an area that initiates common sports activity, of which the up taking we sincerely encourage. We also invite you to join us!    

However, sport for us is not only individual passions. It is also part of business. We work for athletes, we understand their needs. We know what sport looks like in Poland and around the world. Neither competitive sport nor the broader understood sports business can function without competent lawyers.   

LSW Sport  connects both these worlds. We are inspired by the hard work of athletes; we admire them and give them support where ever they need it. We like it. That’s why in this area we connect professional work with personal passion, with which we infect others. Being a better athlete makes for a better person. In business, sport and law the best are those who love what they do.

35th Warsaw Marathon

35th Warsaw Marathon was held on September 29, 2013, with 11,834 starters. We had our representative among them: Mr. Maciej Ślusarek, for whom it was not the first race. The biggest race in this country was won by Yared Shegumo (02:20:34), a Polish of Ethiopian origin. Maciej has also improved his previous record and (to use runners' slang) has broken four hours. Congratulations to all competitors on their results!

Legia Business Cup

To promote all kinds of physical activity, we decided to test our fitness - this time in football, by taking part in Legia Business Cup tournament.

LSW Football Team, consisting of Marcin Melzacki, Władysław Bieńkowski, Marcin Nosiński, Marcin Grzelecki, Michał Krysik and Michał Giera, has already achieved the first success, ranking the first position in the table.
More information with the schedule of matches to be found on 


LSW Sailing Cup

The LSW Sailing Cup competition took place on the 25th of May in the Mila Club on the Lake Zegrzyński. 12 five person teams took part in a race using Sigma class Club 600 boats prepared by Mateusz Kusznierewicz’s team. The semi-amateur teams came up against rain and 4*B winds in truly Spartan conditions, during the three triangle races. The battle was extremely competitive and the emotion on the water ran high... the competition did not take place without capsizing and collisions! This year’s event left us with many wonderful impressions. Maciej Ślusarski and his crew finished in first place.         


LSW Running Team

LSW sport is a team of seasoned long-distance runners. Among the most advanced lovers of this discipline one finds: Edyta Niemyska, Maciej Ślusarek, Marcin Melzacki, Tomasz Pieczyk or Michał Sałajczyk. They have participated in marathons in Rome and Warsaw, half-marathons in Brussels and Warsaw, as well as in many popular street runs, such as The Warsaw Uprising Run, The Constitution Run, The Independence Run or Run Warsaw. Alongside their own intensive training, the team members popularize running throughout the entire LSW team and enthusiastically share their experiences with colleagues beginning in this discipline.       


Bogusław Leśnodorski former President and Co-owner of Legia Warszawa

Bogusław Leśnodorski, partner and co-founder of LSW, has been the president and co-owner of the Legia Warsaw football club till March 2017. The  transfers conducted under his management resulted with  the long awaited title of Polish Champion, followed by effective rivalry in European cups. Bogusław Leśnodorski was able to simultaneously regain Legia’s twelfth player, meaning the most engaged fans in terms of cheering. 


Maciej Ślusarek in the Blue Cup Regatta

LSW partner Maciej Ślusarek, has for years participated in ocean yacht regattas. In the previous Blue Cup Regattas, taking place every year in the Sardonic Gulf of Greece, he skippered a five man crew yacht. He ultimately finished 8th out of a group of 22 class A yachts. The regatta was won by Mikhail Gobelkov, a well-known Russian skipper. We congratulate Maciej and keep our fingers crossed for further successes.


Marcin Melzacki Vice president of PZKol

Marcin Melzacki, LSW Partner skillfully combines professional and personal passions. Lover of sports activities, runner and cycling enthusiast, he likes to utilize experience gained in an unconventional way. He shows his commitment and passion for supporting the Polish Cycling Federation, not only by taking part in races but also by working actively for the Federation itself. On December 8th, 2012 Martin Melzacki was appointed Vice President.



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