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Interview with LSW Partner – Artur Zawadowski

The development perspectives of LSW and a new restructuring and financing practice, his observations on the legal market, as well as plans for 2019 – about all this we talk with a recently nominated LSW Partner, Artur Zawadowski.


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Pro Bono

As part of non-profit activities, we participate in numerous court proceedings concerning matters relevant to public and social life in Poland.

  • We supported a well-known journalist who became a victim of unlawful activities of special services
  • We took part in a landmark proceeding concerning disclosure of public materials with regard to a sensitive issue involving the production and distribution of drugs
  • We handled a landmark case with regard to disclosing the identity of a well-known political blogger against one of the Polish newspapers
  • We represented a Pole from Belarus who was unjustly deprived of the Polish Card by the Polish administration; we also represented parents of a little girl who had been killed by a car while crossing the street
  • We acted as representatives of public figures in cases related to the protection of personal interests, which were an important voice in the discussion about the quality of public debate in our country. The LSW team handled a pro-bono case involving a historian from the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) who had written a critical review of a historical book by a professor of the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL). The case was included in the Strategic Litigation Programme of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
  • We represent the Instytut Reportażu Foundation (the Institute of Reportage) in a dispute – widely reported by mass media – with the Ciechan brewery regarding a consumer boycott
  • We support the Society of Friends of the National Museum
  • We support the Habitat for Humanity Foundation, whose aim is to fight housing poverty and homelessness

Listed below are some of the organisations which cooperate with LSW:

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