Mateusz Gruszczyński

Attorney at law


Specialist in matters concerned with the real estate market and energy.

Among his areas of interest are matters concerned with real property law, especially questions concerning real estate property management, energy law and tax law.

In his training, he has handled entities with many resources in terms of real estate property and disputes resulting from contracts regarding property management and disputes between clients and developers. He lead major court proceedings resulting from investments realized for EURO 2012. Apart from matters within his specialization, he has handled ongoing service for companies from the steel industry. He is also working to broaden his specialization to include environmental protection law.

Before LSW

Graduated from the Law and Administration Department at the Silesian University 2003. He has unique experience gained in his cooperation with a company that outsourced power, as well as other energy enterprises. He carried out projects concerned with the introduction of property rights to certificates of origin for energy production from renewable sources onto the market and providing legal support investment in renewable energy.  He cooperated with one of the internet portals, writing articles about tax law. In September 2006, he  got his diploma as a licensed real estate property manager. He attained the title of legal advisor in 2011.

About Mateusz

In his free time, he unwinds by reading books and comic books, he likes watching movies and is interested in football and likes snowboarding.   

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