Monika Konwerska-Olczak

Attorney at law


Specializes in matters regarding real estate property trade.

Handles cases in areas of civil, economic and real estate property trading law. Deals with ongoing legal services for entrepreneurs and offers legal help in the purchasing of real estate properties for investment, commercial, and living purposes, as well as for the purpose of infrastructural investment.

In her professional work to date, she has had the opportunity to cooperate with clients in heavy industry. During this cooperation, she participated in preparing and realizing the process of acquiring an organized part of an enterprise which was an independent production facility. She participated in negotiations, made contract drafts and drafted other transaction documents, and made final reports regarding transaction risks.

Before LSW

Graduated from the Law and Administration Department at the Warsaw University. As a student still, she gained experience on the real estate property trading market, working in a real estate trading and management office both in Poland and in the USA, in New York State, where she participated in the rental and acquiring of locales for the biggest fashion designers. She also possesses unique experience on the finance market as an advisor on the subject of investment funds, mortgage loans and other financial instruments.
In 2013, she successfully completed her legal advisor training in the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw. 

About Monika

A very energetic person. In her profession, she most values building good relations with her clients and being able to help in her areas of expertise. She loves travelling in her free time, as well as practicing motor water sports and swishing down the ski slopes in the wintertime.

30.04.2018, NEWSLETTER LSW

A Swiss franc credit in the context of division of joint marital estate


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