Władysław Bieńkowski

Attorney at law, Partner


Attorney at law and Partner at LSW. Władysław specialises in a wide range of investments, particularly with respect to mergers and acquisitions, as well as privatisations. He conducts proceedings in matters related to recovery of claims, debt collection and securing of claims, and advises clients pursuing their claims, as well as those who seek protection from creditors. He also advises in matters related to bankruptcy proceedings and restructuring.

Before LSW

He successfully led matters on implementation of infrastructure investments and related financial instruments. He participated, among others, in the process of privatisation, transformation and merger of one of the most important steel plants for the Polish economy and in the process of privatisation and takeover of a Polish shipyard. Legal expert with vast knowledge of infrastructure and heavy industry sectors. He has extensive experience in judicial and administrative proceedings, having conducted a number of complex cases on behalf of entrepreneurs operating in various sectors of economy, industry and infrastructure.

About Władysław

He enjoys travelling but prefers places with few people, little sun and a lot of wind. He eagerly participates in men-only expeditions, especially if they involve Ireland and Scotland.


New restructuring in the shipbuilding industry – practical solutions

What is restructuring (NEW restructuring)? Proceedings initiated and conducted by the entrepreneur, security measures protecting assets against enforcement, getting rid of inconvenient agreements and business partners, and the fact that restructuring proceedings are not bankruptcy – a lecture at the 4th Maritime Congress in Szczecin


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