Beata Pawlas

Attorney at law


Specializes in civil, economic and commercial law. Comprehensively provides services to commercial companies, including commercial contracts and legal advising in corporate cases. She prepares legal opinions, participates in business negotiations and leads court cases. She has experience in bankrupcy and reorganization law, and is interested in civil law, especially committment law.

Before LSW

Graduated from the Law and Administration Department at the Silesian University in Katowice. In 2011, she was registered on the list of legal advisors by the District Council of Legal Advisors in Katowice. 

About Beata  

Adores almost all that is Italian, and thus visits Italy regularly. Lately, she has been trying to spend as much of her free time as possible in the saddle. Interested in ancient culture and history. Devours books about art and history but also… Scandinavian thrillers.

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