Katarzyna Ciepiela

Attorney at law


She deals with matters concerning copyright and personal interests. Her interests include, among others, competition law, advertising law, fashion law and medical law. She is also gaining experience in commercial arbitration. 

Before LSW

Graduated from the Law and Administration Department at Warsaw University. Currently, she is completing her education at the British Law School organized by Warsaw University in cooperation with the Iuris Angliae Scientia foundation and the American Law School. She gained professional experience at one of the Warsaw law firms and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

About Katarzyna

Loves spending her free time actively, in the summer she sails, in the winter she snowboards. She is an avid reader and likes to learn French in her free time.

8.03.2018, LSW IP BLOG

(we współpracy z Piotrem Nikołajukiem)

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16.03.2015, LSW IP BLOG

Copyrights and freedom of speech on the catwalk


• “Sponsored materials and product placement,” organiser: Puls Biznesu (16 December 2015)
• “The most important features of selected contracts connected with commercialisation of research” – Unipress, Polish Academy of Sciences (December 2014)
• “Commercialisation of intellectual property rights” – Unipress, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (December 2014).

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