Katarzyna Lejman

Attorney at law


Katarzyna specialises in intellectual property rights and civil law. She provides legal assistance with respect to copyright, trademark and competition law, with a particular emphasis on aspects related to running e-business and advertising. Her practice filed also includes issues related to the protection of personality rights. She has extensive experience in consumer rights, with a particular emphasis on services provided to consumers via the Internet.


She graduated from the Jagiellonian University. Under the supervision of prof. dr. hab. Janusz Barty, she defended her Master Thesis on the protection of personality rights of individuals against violations caused by press publications. She gained her professional experience in renowned Warsaw law firms specialising in intellectual property rights, e-commerce and procedural law.

ABOUT Katarzyna

She is an organiser-type and an activist. She is keen on the event industry not only because of her professional specialisation, but also for pleasure. Katarzyna is a lover of good cuisine. She is also an unfulfilled singer. She spends her free time trekking in the mountains.

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