Krzysztof Laskowski

Attorney at law, Partner


Attorney at law and Partner at LSW. Co-head of corporate M&A practice. Krzysztof specialises in transaction advisory and capital investments. He manages the team providing clients with comprehensive legal service in the field of commercial company law. Has participated in many successfully completed transactions of mergers and acquisitions in the various sectors such as: steel, real estate, life science, media, advertising and telecommunications, as well as for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Market. He advises private equity and venture capital funds on each stage of investment: from creating and negotiating contracts, to closing the deal and monetization of the project. With the help from a team of younger lawyers, Krzysztof provides LSW clients with comprehensive legal services in the area of commercial transactions.

Before LSW

Krzysztof has been a member of the supervisory boards of Rochstar S.A., OncoArendi Therapeutics SA, Adiuvo Investments S.A., Airway Medix S.A., Cambridge Chocolate Technologies Polska S.A. Recently engaged in the transaction of process of reorganisation of the Ogilvy group in Poland.

About Krzysztof 

He likes to spend his free time on his passion for sports, such as skiing, cycling and basketball. Known among his friends, as a connoisseur and passionate cook. He finds inspiration in his backpacking journeys in Asia and reading about Business. 

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