Sandra Wieczorek

Attorney at law


Specializes in matters concerning intellectual property and industrial law, especially copyright law. Her areas of interest also include law on counteracting unfair competition, advertising law and protection of personal interests.

Before LSW

Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Lodz University and the German law postgraduate studies of University of Münster. She also graduated from University of Lodz German Law School in cooperation with Centre for European Private Law  in Münster (CEP). While studying not only she was engaged in Student Scientific Association of European Law, but also  in Student Legal Information Centre „Legal Clinic and Children Rights Clinic at the University of Lodz”. A scholar of ERASMUS programme. Her master’s thesis about contemporary patent usage methods was awarded as the best master’s thesis in contests organised by The Polish Patent Office and Trade Law Review. Registered at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw. 

About Sandra

Cinema, tango and Italian enthusiast. Her free time she spends the most willingly actively – by doing sport and travelling.

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Crowdfunding - Let?s build it together!

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A calorie-related dispute between Nestle and Cadbury - protection of the shape of food products

  • „How to advertise pharmaceutical products in accordance with the law”, organizer: Mediarun Academy (Warsaw, 21th October 2015)

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