Wojciech Dec

Attorney at law


Specialist in the areas of economic law, tax law and penal fiscal law.

He has many years’ experience in providing comprehensive service to commercial companies, including transformations, divisions and mergers. He has supervised various projects connected with company mergers, including companies listed on the Stock Exchange.

He has experience in labor law and in antitrust law. He also handles elaborating structures that optimize tax and he represents LSW clients before the fiscal administration authorities.

Before LSW

Graduated from the Law Department at the Silesian University. Has in his professional career worked for the Fiscal Crime Investigation Team at the Tax Audit Office in Katowice, he has managed the Tax Team at the Bank Śląski S.A. headquarters in Katowice, and has also worked with the Katowice branches of Arthur Andersen and Ernst&Young. He attained the title of legal adviser in 1997.

About Wojciech

Known among his friends as a passionate cook, enamored with the cuisines of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Eastern Asia. He is also very interested in water sports and is a passionate diver.

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