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Interview with LSW Partner – Artur Zawadowski

The development perspectives of LSW and a new restructuring and financing practice, his observations on the legal market, as well as plans for 2019 – about all this we talk with a recently nominated LSW Partner, Artur Zawadowski.


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Economic Criminal Law

Thanks to many years of practice in court litigation and extensive knowledge of business processes, we provide advice and represent clients in matters related to economic crimes.
The combined teams of experts deal, in particular, with matters of wide-ranging activities performed to the detriment of economic operators, as well as criminal liability of members of company bodies. The on-going advice of experienced LSW experts makes it possible to avoid the risk of suspicions and allegations in difficult and complex cases involving economic crimes.

  • We advise on how to avoid problems, and help when they arise
  • We represent clients as defenders (both for suspects and defendants), as well as victims’ representatives

Protection of business secrets

The LSW Lawyers participated in criminal and civil proceedings against a former board member of a large commercial company. Using a trade secret, the person opened a new entity and took over most of the employees of the company and attempted to take over its customers. The case is very interesting because of the complexity of the facts and the law, and the fact that similar cases are extremely difficult in terms of evidence.

Distribution of music by press publisher

LSW defended the president of listed press publisher in a lawsuit regarding the distribution of a song as an insert in a magazine. The accused was found innocent.

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