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Interview with LSW Partner – Artur Zawadowski

The development perspectives of LSW and a new restructuring and financing practice, his observations on the legal market, as well as plans for 2019 – about all this we talk with a recently nominated LSW Partner, Artur Zawadowski.


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Innovation, R & D and VC funds

We have created a special department dedicated to companies investing in R&D, venture capital funds and start-ups, as well as scientific institutes. We provide advice, draft investment agreements, help raise funds for innovation and support the implementation of grants. We combine the competence in the sphere of tax law, corporate law and intellectual property with the knowledge of commercialisation and legal aspects of financing innovation. We tailor solutions for clients from the world of business, science and financial sectors.

Venture capital funds/seed funds interested in commercialisation of scientific research:

  • We support the investment process from A to Z
  • We prepare term-sheets and negotiate investment agreements
  • We provide legal and tax due diligence
  • We support the acquisition of further rounds and the investment exit
  • We create complete investment structures that are optimal in terms of tax, law and operations
  • We prepare agreements with the managing entity, fund statutes and regulations of the relevant fund bodies, management agreements and others

Companies investing in R&D, such as computer game developers, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic manufacturers, etc.:

  • We provide legal support for the entire research process – agreements with creators/employees/co-workers, intellectual property protection, support for the implementation or commercialisation
  • We handle agreements for commissioned (contracted) research and independent research activities (e.g. consortium agreements)
  • We prepare research projects financed from public funds for implementation – we choose and create an optimal structure, agreements, necessary documents related to applying for co-financing, including those related to public aid
  • We help choose an optimal path of commercialisation, and provide support for this process – licensing agreements, rights sale, creation of a company and making an in-kind contribution of a commercialised idea


  • We support the investment process from the start-up side, including negotiations, term-sheet and investment agreement with the investor
  • We draft complete legal corporate documentation of companies and employee agreements and plans
  • We draft complete legal corporate documentation of companies and employee agreements and plans
  • We help with tax, accounting and book-keeping issues
  • We deal with the start-up support in its day-to-day operations – we register companies
  • We provide assistance to the authorities, protect intellectual property rights, draft the relevant agreements and we provide legal services

StartUpownia – a special project within the framework of innovation activities

We respond to the market needs and we change for it. What is more, we are keen on supporting original ideas and bold initiatives, and we have been proving this for years by getting involved in Pro Bono activities. We are also keen on taking the initiative ourselves. In this way, the idea of LSW’s StartUpownia was born. Our aim is to look at and support young companies, surround them with care, and carry out fundraising procedures. We train and will train start-ups. We will represent them in their talks with mature businesses and investors, and advise on tax and accounting issues.

Commercialisation of research results

Acting on behalf of a business investor, LSW prepared and conducted the take-over and acquisition of patent rights developed by a university, as well as prepared the creation of a special purpose vehicle focused on the preparation of the commercialisation of research results. The LSW lawyers issued opinions on and prepared the creation of a consortium of several entities in the area of science and business, the purpose of which is to work on the development and implementation of the project for a permanent and continuous production. Our involvement required the coordination of works of patent attorneys, valuations made for the purpose of the transaction and obtaining the relevant permits.

Legal support of proof-of-concept and venture capital funds

We provide full legal support for several proof-of-concept funds and venture capital funds financed from public funds. This includes on-going fund maintenance, tax consultancy, due diligence, drafting investment contracts, and legal support of the relationship with the funding institution.

Appeals to innovation funding institutions (protests)

We assisted the applicants for EU funds for innovation in the submission of appropriate remedies and in filing complaints to the administrative court. Our support also included the preparation of documents for the co-financing agreement and legal assistance of the R&D project.

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