1.       Why is it worthwhile to work with the LSW law firm?

Our firm has an established market position in the area of intellectual property and IT, as well as versatile experience in handling transactions for major individual clients and companies. We have never really boasted about this, but the number of important cases so far has been surprisingly high and we intend to take more advantage of this capital. We are a mature company, and basing on the experience we have gained, we now see the need to adjust our direction with regard to the mix of services we offer and the costs of the customer service. We know that clients look for advisors with leadership qualities who share the same values in strategic business activities. We also see the value in opening up to the specific needs of our clients and improving the suitability of our services, not least in terms of costs. If our clients have a better understanding of our offer, at the same time as we present new opportunities, we will develop the set of transaction skills distinguishing us on the market. This is associated with the ability to achieve a higher margin while maintaining a similar level of costs for the clients.

Lawyers are an obvious asset of our company, whereas professional integrity is the foundation of trust. In LSW we gathered a team of creative individuals with a contemporary frame of mind. We teach our lawyers that clients approach their business issues strategically and pragmatically. Being aware of this changes the entire context of our work and the way we execute our assignments. Every project becomes a business process, which develops our competence. I also have a very high assessment of our human potential – in terms of personalities we form an interesting mosaic of experiences and characters. In order to continue to develop we focus on diversity which means, among others, that LSW will acquire lawyers with financial, business and transaction skills, as well as experts in selected areas. Being as I am, inside the organization, I am very positive about the outlook for building the reputation and image of our firm.

2.       What are you going to focus on as LSW Partner? What are your plans for 2019?

After a year of my work for LSW together with the Partners we decided that I should join the group of key LSW personnel which I was very pleased to do. The change of my role in LSW was associated with certain operating decisions which we made during the first year of our collaboration. In the second half of 2018 we decided to gradually develop selected LSW practices and to adjust our business directions, as I mentioned earlier.

We focus on complex advisory and the highest quality of service. Already today, our practices are headed by experts with recognised names, while partners who stand for the firm’s operations possess unique experience, practice and valuable business skills. Client confidence and market strength of the firm will be determined by the effectiveness of our cooperation. Working together and sharing information translates directly into efficiency and the ability to achieve all the other objectives. We are not interested in operating as a set of individual practices – the LSW team must be recognizable as a whole.

What I said above was a set of statements. There is nothing wrong with statements, provided they are common and represent realistic beliefs. We believe that in the simplest terms hiring our firm ought to be based on a combination of the principles of one stop shop and made to measure. We are responsible for a complete product, which must be flawless and exceed client expectations. Every client should leave our office fully satisfied and remember about us in the next case, even if it is entirely different.

We will develop this model carefully and diligently, making sure that individual practices work on the projects together and expanding our offer for those clients who worked with us in one specific area so far. We see a great deal of potential and numerous advantages of this approach, and firmly believe that our clients will notice a significant improvement in the services provided to them.

3.       What trends do you see on the legal market? How do you think law firms should respond to the various needs of their clients?

We notice that after a wave of specialized, boutique law firms with homogenous, narrow practices a somewhat different demand needs to be addressed. At present, the enterprise market needs law firms with the ability to handle complex processes related to the strategic management of company’s future in a comprehensive manner. This involves the ability to cooperate in defining and implementing overall strategies, assisting in strategic transactions, investments and acquisitions, financing, restructuring, protection of intellectual property and trade secrets. I expect that these requirements call for law firms such as ours, capable of looking at clients’ needs from various perspectives and proposing A to Z action plans. I believe LSW to be precisely this kind of law firm.


Artur Zawadowski, LL. M., Legal advisor, Attorney and counsellor at law (New York State), LSW Partner, Head of restructuring and financing practice

LSW law firm consists of a team of 60 lawyers supported by the qualified administration team. The firm is among the most recognizable on the Polish legal market.