The  LSW team supports people and institutions investing significant sums and engaging in serious projects on the Polish market. Among the investors that take advantage of the consulting services of LSW are:

• Investment funds of the venture capital/private equity type

• Polish and international companies which carry out mergers and acquisitions

• Entities investing on the broadly defined capital market

• Entities participating in privatizing State Treasury companies


Władysław Bieńkowski Attorney at law, Partner Conflict resolution
Krzysztof Laskowski Attorney at law, Partner Business and Investments
Bogusław Leśnodorski Attorney at law, Partner Business and Investments
Marcin Melzacki Attorney at law, Partner Conflict resolution
Bartosz Banaszkiewicz Attorney at law Business and Investments
Grzegorz Danecki Attorney at law Conflict resolution
Wojciech Dec Attorney at law Conflict resolution
Magdalena Frąckowiak Attorney at law, Solicitor Business and Investments
Mateusz Gruszczyński Attorney at law Taxes
Marcin Grzelecki Attorney at law, Tax adviser Taxes
Michał Klimowicz Attorney at law Business and Investments
Michał Krysik Tax adviser Taxes
Jakub Kubis Attorney at law Intellectual Property
Agnieszka Lysko Attorney at law Conflict resolution
Paweł Mackus Of counsel Innovation, R & D and VC funds
Edyta Niemyska Attorney at law Business and Investments
Bartosz Nowicki Attorney at law Business and Investments
Anna Stykowska-Sikora Attorney at law Labor law
Emil Tomaszewski Attorney at law Business and Investments
Agata Wójcik Associate, Trainee Attorney Business and Investments
Marcin Włodarski Ph.D in law,Attorney at law,Associate Partner Real estate property law

Taking control over Gdansk Shipyard S.A. and Gdynia Shipyard S.A.

The LSW law firm was the main legal advisor for the investor of Gdansk Shipyard S.A. Per request of the investor, a legal analysis encompassing corporate issues, commercial issues, environmental issues, public aid given and permits for licensed activity was made. The lawyers advised in setting up and carrying out the transaction of acquiring the majority stake, taking control of the corporation, negotiating privatization contracts with the Polish government, implementing recovery programs aimed at reducing the operational and employment costs, renegotiation of held contracts and negotiation of new commercial contracts, as well as establishing a legal strategy for implementing new ventures within the existing subject while simultaneously regulating the legal status of real estate property separated from the existing business for this purpose. LSW also participated in procedures concerning the matter of restructuring the shipyard before the European Commission (in connection to the public aid given to the shipyard).

Securing a record credit

The LSW lawyers negotiated the securing of the biggest loan ever granted to a Ukrainian company in Polish banking history. Three Polish banks: Polska Kasa Opieki S.A., PKO Bank Polski S.A. and BRE BANK S.A. created a special consortium, which secured financing in an amount exceeding 1 billion PLN.

Acquiring the controlling shareholding for Ferrum S.A. by HW Pietrzak Holding sp. z o.o.

The LSW lawyers offered comprehensive legal services in the transaction of gaining the controlling share of Ferrum S.A. ; company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Stock was bought both from anonymous sources through the stock exchange and from entities with whom the selling of significant packages was successfully negotiated. The transaction required the coordination of many subjects, as well as extensive experience in making transactions on the capital market. 

Introduction of the  company Platforma Mediowa Point Group onto the WSE

LSW provided comprehensive legal service in the process of introducing PMPG S. A., the publisher of such magazines as the weekly title „Wprost” and the monthly title „Film”, by method of acquiring another company, already listed on the WSE.

Commercialization of research results

LSW prepared and carried out a business investor’s acquisition, of patents created by a University, including acquiring the rights and then helped set up a SPV working on the preparation of the research results for commercialization. The LSW lawyers assessed and prepared the combining of several entities in the field of science and business into a consortium, whose goal would be to work on the development of the project and deploy it to a constant and continuous production. The work required the coordination of patent attorneys, evaluations made for the purposes of the transaction and obtaining relevant permits.

Resolution of seven judges of the SAC

Specialists at LSW represented the company Impel Cleaning before the Supreme Administrative Court leading to a decision by the seven judges residing that is favorable to taxpayers and yielded a definitive long-term resolution of the discrepancies in regards to confluence of VAT and PCC. With this resolution, the clients of LSW recovered several million PLN of excess PCC (among other companies in the Haffner Center group, the Gdynia developer Allcon,  NFI Black Lion).

Batory Rolling Plates

The LSW team carried out an organizationally and legally complicated, transaction of acquiring a business constituting Batory Rolling Plates, which was a part of ArcelorMittal Poland before. In addition to experts in the field of mergers and acquisitions, combined teams of LSW specialists in the fields of environmental law, competition law and real estate property law, worked on the deal.

National Equity Fund

The LSW team advised VC funds applying for funding from the National Capital Fund. The specificity of the project required a combination of knowledge about the law and finance, with particular emphasis on competition law.

Investment in a company in the telecom industry

The LSW team advised the founders of an innovative telecom company in the process of joining a venture capital fund listed on the Stock Exchange. The LSW lawyers advised both in the course of the investment process itself, as well as in the later cooperation with the fund and the founders in regards to controlling the use of means gained.

The first issue of shares

The LSW law firm has been the legal advisor in the process of admission of securities and obtaining the approval of the prospectus by the Financial Supervision Commission for many companies, including but not limited to: UNIMA 2000 Telematic Systems SA II National Investment Fund SA (currently NFI Croesus), NFI Midas SA, NFI Progress SA, Energomontaz Południe S.A.,  Boiler Machinery Works "Stąporków" SA and P. A. Nova SA

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