Property and infrastructure investments

Within their many years of practicing, the LSW lawyers have carried out several transactions on the real estate market, advised in many developer enterprises for both Polish and foreign subjects, and also represented clients in complex court cases regarding infrastructural investments in the country. Among the LSW Clients are: 

  • Investors planning and conducting investments  on the commercial, housing and office real estate markets
  • Public subjects realizing investments
  • Operators of infrastructural investments, also those realized from public funding 
  • Entrepreneurs from the construction market and subjects managing real estate properties
  • Implementers of PPP infrastructure investments
  • Investors pursuing energy and linear investments


Władysław Bieńkowski Attorney, Partner Conflict resolution
Krzysztof Laskowski Legal Advisor, Partner Business and Investments
Bogusław Leśnodorski Legal Advisor, Partner Business and Investments
Marcin Melzacki Attorney, Partner Conflict resolution
Paulina Bienioszek-Niepsuj Legal Advisor Conflict resolution
Justyna Bójko Legal Advisor, of Counsel Real estate property law
Grzegorz Danecki Legal Advisor Conflict resolution
Magdalena Frąckowiak Attorney, Solicitor Business and Investments
Mateusz Gruszczyński Legal Advisor Business and Investments
Marcin Grzelecki Legal advisor, Tax advisor, Taxes
Monika Konwerska-Olczak Legal Advisor Real estate property law
Michał Krysik Trainee Legal Advisor, Tax Advisor Taxes
Jakub Kubis Legal advisor Business and Investments
Agnieszka Lysko Legal Advisor Conflict resolution
Edyta Niemyska Legal Advisor Business and Investments
Bartosz Nowicki Attorney Business and Investments
Beata Pawlas Legal Advisor Business and Investments
Kinga Rochalska Associate Real estate property law
Marcin Włodarski Ph.D. Real estate property law
Agnieszka Zinek Legal Advisor Business and Investments

Ownership of land underwater

The help the LSW lawyers offered involved determining the possibility of acquiring rights to land underwater, where the water is state-owned. On behalf of the Client, who was established in the Baltic Sea port, LSW established the legal and factual exercise of rights to land underwater in the context of their complicated location, under the flowing waters, are the internal sea waters, which are excluded from the market, and located in the port (special regulations),  internal marine waters of the Gulf of Gdansk  which are regulated separately.

A new district in the heart of Gdańsk

The LSW activities included legal services for the investment project, the long-term development plan for the property located on the island. The uniqueness of the project was primarily the character of the area - the port areas and brownfields located in the city center, and the size and intended use (almost 20 acres with a view to create a new urban space).

Protecting the reputation of a developer

LSW is leading a case concerned with infringement of personal interests of a large international developer. Untrue information about the developer has been published by an internet portal. The LSW lawyers have prepared a claim, filed a lawsuit and are in litigation.

Protecting the reputation of a developer

LSW is leading a case concerned with infringement of personal interests of a large international developer. Untrue information about the developer has been published by an internet portal. The LSW lawyers have prepared a claim, filed a lawsuit and are in litigation.

Stadium in Rzeszow

LSW experts prepared a legal analysis of possible forms for the Rzeszow City Municipality to facilitate the use of the City Stadium, built in result of a project co-financed by the EU, to others. It was necessary to fully abide by the laws of public aid and the particular level of investment financing. 

Protecting the reputation of a leading company in the energy industry

In this complicated case, concerning the limits of journalistic criticism and the freedom of expression, the Court of Appeals shared the position expressed in the appeal made by LSW, according to which dishonest actions taken by journalists and unsubstantiated information cannot be allowed as acceptable critique, if the content tarnishes the good name of those it concerns.

Trading and distribution of electricity and licensed activity

The scope of action undertaken by  LSW in this case consisted of a comprehensive legal analysis of the licensed activity performed by the Client involving the trading and distribution of electricity, in the context of a complex legal situation of these networks in itself. The Client, while performing a licensed service, was not the owner of the network, through which the licensed activity was done.  The LSW lawyers’ help was based mainly on the possibility of cessation of licensed activity despite the legal public obligation the Client had.

Resolution of seven judges of the SAC

Specialists at LSW represented the company Impel Cleaning before the Supreme Administrative Court leading to a decision by the seven judges residing in the Supreme Administrative Court that is favorable to taxpayers and yielded a definitive long-term resolution of the discrepancies in regards to confluence of VAT and PCC. With this resolution, the clients of LSW recovered several million PLN of excess PCC (among other companies in the group Haffner Center, the Gdynia developer Allcon,  NFI Black Lion).

BASF catalysts Plant

LSW provides legal services to the chemical company BASF on a project involving the construction of the largest catalyst factory in the world. The duties of the LSW lawyers were primarily construction issues: participation in negotiations and full legal support of the investment process for a project worth several hundred million zlotys. They assisted the clients in negotiating and concluding contracts for general construction work, the related security agreements, EPC type contracts with suppliers of production line equipment, contracts with engineers and supervision inspectors, etc.

Investment project in the Warsaw city center

LSW participated in an investment project in the Warsaw city center - the acquisition of land worth tens of millions of zlotys and organizing financing the of investment for a developer with international capital, with the participation of investment funds. The project included an analysis of due diligence and full support for purchasing land for the construction of a Class A office building in the city center, including the negotiation with the sellers and the project co-financiers.

Leading producer of elevators and escalators

LSW represents a leading global producer of elevators and escalators in many investment projects, including some of the most prestigious projects in Poland.

Leading construction company bonds

The LSW team represents one of the major international financial institutions in the restructuring of dues from bonds issued by a leading Polish company in the construction industry.

Group investment in the steel and shipbuilding industry

The LSW law firm was an adviser on a project to optimize the use of post-production assets, the implementation of technology parks and preparing the investment - a concept for the development and revitalization of about 20 hectares in the citycenter and the construction of a new plant about 3 acres in the heart of the city.

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