Media and protecting the reputation

The media plays an enormous part in the modern world. The information and opinions supplied by the media can create or destroy the image of individuals, as well as the reputation of corporations and smaller companies. As everyone today, also the media operates under constant time pressure. This, in turn, means that incorrect information often appears in their materials, negatively influencing the perception of whoever the information concerns.

The LSW experts practice in two main areas. The first of these is advising in times of crisis, regarding the manner in which to react and actively protect the reputation of individuals and the value of product or service brands. In a situation, where it is necessary, this also includes civil or criminal lawsuits.   

The second area is the protection of the image and good name of people from the front pages. The LSW lawyers have many times proven themselves as effective representatives of their clients; both in negotiations and in the courtroom in publicized, won cases.

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Protecting the right to privacy

The  LSW team lead the case of one of Poland’s foremost singers against a tabloid, regarding a publication describing sensitive aspects of her private life. The Warsaw Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the client and forbade the journalists from pursuing her. It was a case which was widely commented on in the press, and the ruling has significantly influenced how paparazzi operate in our country. 

Protecting the reputation of a leading company in the energy industry

In this complicated case, concerning the limits of journalistic criticism and the freedom of expression, the Court of Appeals shared the position expressed in the appeal made by LSW, according to which dishonest actions taken by journalists and unsubstantiated information cannot be allowed as acceptable critique, if the content tarnishes the good name of those it concerns.

Protection of the reputation of a pharmaceutical concern

The LSW team represented an international pharmaceutical company in case regarding violation of personal interests. The case concerned a statement made about the presence and activity of the company on the Polish market, the products offered and their effectiveness. The Supreme Court ruled entirely in favor of the Client. 

Personal rights of journalists

The LSW lawyers represented a couple of well-known journalists in their case against a tabloid. The   trial court ruled that a series of publications did indeed violate their right to privacy and their personal rights. The defendant was sentenced to issue a public apology, forbidden from violating their privacy, peace and sense of security in the future and was also made to pay a large amount in damages.  

Tarnishing the good name of a big public corporation

The LSW defended the good name of a big public corporation, which had been accused of overspending public funds, incompetent management and using nepotism in order to develop operations, in a publication. The lawyers not only showed the inaccuracy of the accusations but also indicated serious breach of journalistic protocol: the publications were not objective, and the representatives of the given corporation were not given a chance to  present their side of the accusations.

Reputation of a TV station

The LSW law firm represented one of Poland’s biggest TV stations in a lawsuit regarding the protection of its personal interests. The subject of the dispute was a publication in a well-read journal. The station management and the journalists were accused of acting unethically and outside of the law. The case was settled according to the demands made by the LSW Client.

Media Crisis

LSW gave legal counsel to one of the banks regarding the handling of a media crisis. The situation was brought about when materials, which allegedly described illegal actions taken by employees and partners of the Bank against its Clients, were made public. 

Protecting the freedom of expression of the press 

LSW experts have many times effectively represented the media, which were accused of infringing upon personal interests without merit. The stakes in these lawsuits were not only potential damages to be paid but primarily damaging the reputations of the editors. 

Protecting the reputation of a developer

LSW is leading a case concerned with infringement of personal interests of a large international developer. Untrue information about the developer has been published by an internet portal. The LSW lawyers have prepared a claim, filed a lawsuit and are in court pursuing the case.

Public cultural institution vs. a popular opinion-making weekly magazine

The LSW lawyers defended the good name of a leading public cultural institution. An article in the press accused the organization of conducting a non-transparent financial policy and using unclear criteria in evaluating projects applying for financing. The trial court ruled in favor of the LSW client and the defendant was made to issue a correction, publish an apology and make a contribution to a charity.

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