New technologies and life science

One of the more important challenges of our times is the protection and commercialization of scientific research, the engine fuelling the development of our civilization and economy. An equally important aspect of technological development is the protection and management of intangible assets of enterprises operating on the new technologies market. The LSW lawyers support their client in this, especially:

  •  Seed funds interested in commercializing scientific research
  •  Creators of programs and computer games
  •  Operators of social websites and services
  •  The scientific community


Władysław Bieńkowski Attorney at law, Partner Conflict resolution
Maciej Kubiak Attorney at law, Partner Intellectual Property
Krzysztof Laskowski Attorney at law, Partner Business and Investments
Bogusław Leśnodorski Attorney at law, Partner Business and Investments
Marcin Melzacki Attorney at law, Partner Conflict resolution
Bartosz Banaszkiewicz Attorney at law Business and Investments
Paweł Baran Attorney at law Business and Investments
Grzegorz Danecki Attorney at law Conflict resolution
Maciej Dudek Attorney at law Intellectual Property
Magdalena Frąckowiak Attorney at law, Solicitor Business and Investments
Marcin Grzelecki Attorney at law, Tax adviser Taxes
Michał Klimowicz Attorney at law Business and Investments
Michał Krysik Tax adviser Taxes
Edyta Niemyska Attorney at law Business and Investments
Emil Tomaszewski Attorney at law Conflict resolution
Sandra Wieczorek Attorney at law Intellectual Property
Konrad Wyszyński Associate Intellectual Property

LSW participates in the unprecedented conflict on the Polish market between one of the biggest interactive agencies and a magazine publisher. The conflict concerns the possibility of using reprints  from the printed press in news broadcasts online. The issues assessed by the court are among others, the limitations of copyright of simple information and the fair use doctrine.

Commercialization of research results

Commercialization of research results. LSW prepared and carried out a business investor’s acquisition, of patents created by a University, including acquiring the rights and then helped set up a SPV working on the preparation of the research results for commercialization. The LSW lawyers assessed and prepared the combining of several entities in the field of science and business into a consortium, whose goal would be to work on the development of the project and deploy it to a constant and continuous production. The work required the coordination of patent attorneys, evaluations made for the purposes of the transaction and obtaining relevant permits.

Tax optimization

Specialists at LSW are the authors of safe and functioning solutions that enable the minimization of the tax burden, including utilizing limited joint-stock companies, as well as companies based in countries with friendly tax system. Thanks to their knowledge and experience of the LSW team has built and implemented structures that optimize tax, including the use of a trademark (for the company Ferrum SA and IMM Ltd.).

Investment in the telecommunication industry

The LSW team advised the founders of an innovative telecom company in the process of joining a venture capital fund listed on the Stock Exchange. The LSW lawyers advised both in the course of the investment process itself, as well as in the later cooperation with the fund and the founders in regards to controlling the use of means gained.

Conflict regarding right to source codes

The LSW represented a company which creates specialist programming, among other for the military sector. The case concerned a conflict between the company and a former partner regarding the rights to source codes and the data base. 

Conflict between software producers

LSW advised an IT company which creates and implements software systems in a conflict with their competitor. The international company accused the LSW client of violating copyright and of unfair business practices. 

IT solutions for the food industry

The LSW lawyers gave legal support to a group of producers in the food sector in negotiating a contract for creating and implementing a dedicated computer system  (software and hardware) for complex management of the warehouse stock, produce preparation and sale. This project concerned a group of fruit and vegetable producers, with a total yearly production of approximately 10 thousand tons.

Computer game producer market 

LSW experts create, assess and negotiate contracts necessary to create and utilize computer games, including contracts with programmers, graphic designers, scriptwriters, animation studios, distributors, advertisers, sponsors, media patrons, as well as contracts regarding rights to fictional characters.

Innovative IT start-up 

The LSW team advised an IT start-up in setting up a business model and the contracts necessary to conduct business based on supplying business with innovative and complex IT support. This project concerned IT services in its broader meaning, programming licensing and equipment rental. 

IT Implementation

The LSW lawyers wrote and negotiated contracts for creating, implementing and servicing various IT systems and computer programs, among others for book publishers, magazine publishers, advertisement agencies, cultural institutions and production and service companies.  

Licenses for programs in BOX versions

LSW has experience in elaborating and assessing model licensing contracts for using computer programs distributed in BOX versions.

Portals and websites

LSW experts assess, negotiate and write contracts for creating and getting the rights to IT solutions necessary to set up and run portals and websites.

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