The LSW team participates in many complex transactions, it represents and advises entrepreneurs in many fields, also in the heavy and extractive industries. Among the LSW Clients are representatives from:

  • Producers of steel elements and constructions
  • Steelworks and shipyard industry
  • Producers of electronic and office equipment
  • Food sector
  • Producers of elevators and escalators
Władysław Bieńkowski Attorney, Partner Conflict resolution
Krzysztof Laskowski Legal Advisor, Partner Business and Investments
Bogusław Leśnodorski Legal Advisor, Partner Business and Investments
Marcin Melzacki Attorney, Partner Conflict resolution
Artur Zawadowski Legal advisor, Partner Business and Investments
Paulina Bienioszek-Niepsuj Legal Advisor Conflict resolution
Justyna Bójko Legal Advisor, of Counsel Real estate property law
Grzegorz Danecki Legal Advisor Conflict resolution
Wojciech Dec Legal Advisor Economic Criminal Law
Magdalena Frąckowiak Attorney, Solicitor Business and Investments
Mateusz Gruszczyński Legal Advisor Business and Investments
Marcin Grzelecki Legal advisor, Tax advisor, Taxes
Michał Klimowicz Attorney Business and Investments
Monika Konwerska-Olczak Legal Advisor Real estate property law
Michał Krysik Trainee Legal Advisor, Tax Advisor Taxes
Jakub Kubis Legal advisor Business and Investments
Agnieszka Lysko Legal Advisor Conflict resolution
Edyta Niemyska Legal Advisor Business and Investments
Bartosz Nowicki Attorney Business and Investments
Beata Pawlas Legal Advisor Business and Investments
Anna Stykowska-Sikora Attorney Labor law
Konrad Szynkowski Attorney trainee Conflict resolution
Emil Tomaszewski Attorney Conflict resolution
Przemysław Walon Associate Business and Investments
Agnieszka Zinek Legal Advisor Business and Investments

Last resort appeal for Gdansk Shipyard

On behalf of Gdansk Shipyard, LSW made a last resort appeal in the case of using the right VAT rate. The problem concerned whether Gdansk Shipyard, when it produces ships made from materials given to the them by counterparts, are in fact delivering a product (which allows them to use 0% VAT) or if they are supplying a service (which in turn means they should use the basic VAT rate).

Competition protection in public procurements

The LSW lawyers represented the Subcontractor, whose offer was rejected by the Orderer; despite the fact that the rail automation systems met all the legal requirements. 

Gaining the controlling shareholding for Ferrum S.A. by HW Pietrzak Holding sp. z o.o.

The LSW lawyers offered full legal services in the transaction of gaining the controlling share of Ferrum S.A. ; company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Stock was bought both from anonymous sources through the stock exchange and from subjects with whom sale of significant packages were negotiated. The transaction required the coordination of many subjects, as well as extensive experience in making transactions on the capital market.

Restructuring Gdansk Shipyard

The LSW lawyers prepared a complex restructuring plan, presented before the European Commission in order to receive acceptance for awarded and future public aid.

Taking control over Gdansk Shipyard S.A. and Gdynia Shipyard S.A.

The LSW law firm was the main legal advisor for the investor of Gdansk Shipyard S.A. Per request of the investor, a legal analysis encompassing corporate issues, commercial issues, environmental issues, public aid given and permits for licensed activity was made. The lawyers advised in setting up and carrying out the transaction of acquiring the majority stake, taking control of the corporation, negotiating privatization contracts with the Polish government, implementing recovery programs aimed at reducing the operational and employment costs, renegotiation of held contracts and negotiation of new commercial contracts, as well as establishing a legal strategy for implementing new ventures within the existing subject while simultaneously regulating the legal status of real estate property separated from the existing business for this purpose. LSW also participated in procedures concerning the matter of restructuring the shipyard before the European Commission (in connection to the public aid given to the shipyard). 

Privatizing of the production assets of a Polish steelworks

LSW was the legal adviser to a foreign investor in the process of privatizing the production assets of a Polish steelworks. Legal help given by LSW concerned due diligence of the assets and corporate issues of entities dependent on the privatized enterprise, negotiations with workers’ unions of the steelworks being taken over, as well as establishing a transaction structure, its’ security and the seller fulfilling his duties.

The next stage was to offer ongoing legal services for the enterprise in all operational areas. Actions were taken to consolidate the whole production assets within one enterprise; combining over a dozen companies all the while creating a new organizational structure.  

An additional element was giving legal aid in dealings with the European Commission in regards to the duty of returning public aid granted before the privatization date, which ended with waiving the duty to return the funds given.

Tax optimization

Specialists at LSW are the authors of safe and functioning solutions that enable the minimization of the tax burden, including utilizing limited joint-stock companies, as well as companies based in countries with friendly tax system. Thanks to their knowledge and experience of the LSW team has built and implemented structures that optimize tax, including the use of a trademark (for the company Ferrum SA and IMM Ltd.).

Leading producer of elevators and escalators

LSW represents a leading global producer of elevators and escalators in many investment projects, including some of the most prestigious projects in Poland.

Batory Rolling Plates

The LSW team carried out an organizationally and legally complicated, transaction of acquiring a business constituting Batory Rolling Plates, which was a part of ArcelorMittal Poland before. In addition to experts in the field of mergers and acquisitions, combined teams of LSW specialists in the fields of environmental law, competition law and real estate property law, worked on the deal.

Air and arms Concern

LSW lawyers helped in restructuring the post-production assets and lead matters connected to regulating the legal status of the assets.

Investment Group in the steelworks and shipyard industries

The LSW law firm was the adviser in a project to optimize the use of post-production assets, realizing technological parks and preparing investments – concept to revitalize and utilize approximately 20 hectares in the city center and building a new 3 hectare factory in the city center.

Sponsoring a food concern

The LSW lawyers gave legal suport to a food concern in an innovative sponsoring enterprise connected to, among others, a television program with a total value of 30 million PLN in contracts.

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