Medical market

The LSW team posesses unique experience in advising subjects in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, especially for:

  • Pharmaceutical companies and producers of medical products
  • Suppliers of medical services, including private and public hospitals and medical research facilities.


Krzysztof Laskowski Attorney at law, Partner Business and Investments
Bogusław Leśnodorski Attorney at law, Partner Business and Investments
Marcin Melzacki Attorney at law, Partner Conflict resolution
Bartosz Banaszkiewicz Attorney at law Business and Investments
Katarzyna Ciepiela Attorney at law Intellectual Property
Grzegorz Danecki Attorney at law Conflict resolution
Marcin Grzelecki Attorney at law, Tax adviser Taxes

Legal services for clinical research

The LSW team has offered complex legal services for Clients conducting medical research.  LSW also specializes in crisis consulting in connecetion to organizing research. These activities focus on the legal and financial security of parties involved. Additionally, the LSW lawyers have also participated in administrative dealings with the Health Product, Medical Articles and Biocides Registration Office, as well as corresponded with bio-ethical committees.

Copyright protection - design

The LSW lawyers represented the creator of a project for diagnostic device casings in a case against a company, which used it without regulating the matter of copyright. The case concerned the extent of the copyright.

Protection of the reputation of a pharmaceutical company

The LSW team represented an international pharmaceutical company in case regarding violation of personal interests. The case concerned a statement made about the presence and activity of the company on the Polish market, the products offered and their effectiveness. The Supreme Court ruled entirely in favor of the Client.

Commercialization of research results

LSW prepared and carried out a business investor’s acquisition, of patents created by a University, including acquiring the rights and then helped set up a SPV working on the preparation of the research results for commercialization. The LSW lawyers assessed and prepared the combining of several entities in the field of science and business into a consortium, whose goal would be to work on the development of the project and deploy it to a constant and continuous production. The work required the coordination of patent attorneys, evaluations made for the purposes of the transaction and obtaining relevant permits. 

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