Among the many individuals and organizations connected to sports, whom LSW have had the pleasure of cooperating with, one can find:

  • Professional athletes, including representatives for Poland, participants of the biggest global sports events.
  • Agents and sports managers
  • Clubs: Sports Joint Stock Companies and Associations
  • National sports unions
  • Investors and owners of sports facilities, including local governments
  • Sports facility contractors
  • Polish and international companies involved in sports sponsoring and advertisement.


Władysław Bieńkowski Attorney at law, Partner Conflict resolution
Bogusław Leśnodorski Attorney at law, Partner Business and Investments
Marcin Melzacki Attorney at law, Partner Conflict resolution
Paweł Baran Attorney at law Business and Investments
Marcin Grzelecki Attorney at law, Tax adviser Taxes
Michał Krysik Tax adviser Taxes

World Cyber Games

The LSW lawyers provided complex legal services for the 10 year anniversary of the biggest and most prestigious e-sport tournament ; World Cyber Games.

Stadium in Rzeszow

LSW experts prepared a legal analysis of possible forms for the Rzeszow City Municipality to facilitate the use of the City Stadium, built in result of a project co-financed by the EU, to others. It was necessary to fully abide by the laws of public aid and the particular level of investment financing. 

Cycle track PZKol

The LSW lawyers provide legal services for the Polish Cycling Federation, including the case of the debt of the main contractor of the cycle track in Pruszkow. In working on this case, the LSW Team diagnosed  the legal issues and worked out a strategy and tactic for court proceedings.

Rally raids

LSW represented the agent of a famous athlete in negotiating and writing advertisement and sponsoring contracts, including a  technological partnership during the most demanding rally raids in the world.


The LSW represented a sponsor in preparing a contract with a rising tennis star. The contract regulated the terms of a long-term cooperation, taking into account the investment into training and development of the athlete, as well as the mechanism of investment return for the sponsor.

Basketball club

The LSW lawyers advised in the transformation of a first league basketball club into a public sports company. 

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