A new school year begins tomorrow. Directors and teachers will have to create such a form of operation of school facilities that will ensure the highest possible safety standards in uncertain epidemic times. Despite the introduced changes in the operation of school facilities, the risk of closure of these centers is still very high, which is feared by employees – parents of the youngest students.

The answer to these concerns is the published Decree of the Council of Ministers of August 27, 2020, on defining a longer period for collecting the additional care allowance to counteract COVID-19 (Journal of Laws 2020, item 1489) extending the additional care allowance until September 20, 2020. The benefit will be available to an employee who is released from work:

  • due to the necessity of taking care of a child aged up to 8,
  • in case of closing a day nursery, child club, kindergarten, school, or other institution attended by the child,
  • inability to provide care by a nanny or daycare provider due to COVID-19,
  • the opening of facilities during the COVID-19 period.

The regulation will come into force on September 1.