Since Saturday, November 28, a new regulation of the Council of Ministers on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders, and prohibitions in connection with the outbreak of an epidemic is in force.

It maintains the restrictions previously put in place on the provision of work. Workplaces are still required to provide their employees and co-workers with disposable gloves or hand sanitizer. Employers should also ensure that there is a distance of at least 1.5 m between workstations and, if this is not possible, provide employees with personal protective equipment to combat epidemics.

A new solution prepared by the legislator, which is to contribute to reducing the transmission of the virus in workplaces, is the extension of the obligation to cover mouths and noses. According to the new regulation, this obligation will also cover people who will not be staying in the room alone. This means that if it is necessary to be in the office (one room) with another employee or co-worker, all these people should perform work with their nose and mouth covered, using a mask or visor.

The new obligation is valid until December 27, 2020.