One of the elements of support for entrepreneurs, offered within the framework of the so-called anti-crisis shield, is co-financing by the Starost of a part of entrepreneurs’ costs related to employees’ salaries and social insurance contributions, as well as granting co-financing of a part of costs of business activity for a self-employed entrepreneur, i.e. an entrepreneur being a natural person and not employing employees. Such co-financing may be applied for by entrepreneurs with a large decrease in business turnover (from 30%) as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The subsidy will be granted within the framework of the concluded agreement with the Starost, on the basis of an application submitted by the entrepreneur for granting a part of the costs of employee salaries and social insurance premiums or an application for a part of the costs of business activity.

The application for co-financing should be submitted to the district labour office competent for the place of conducting business activity.

According to the announcement of the Director of the Labour Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, the call for applications in the area of the Warsaw district will be held from 29.04 -12.05.2020.

As part of the announced call, applications will be accepted from entrepreneurs with the status of micro-, small or medium entrepreneur within the meaning of Article 7 of the Act of 6 March 2018. – Entrepreneurs’ Law (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1292 as amended), self-employed entrepreneurs and non-governmental organisations and entities referred to in Article 3(3) of the Act of 24 April 2003 on public benefit activity and voluntary work (e.g. sports clubs).