Industry, real estate and infrastructure

During our long-standing practice, we have carried out a number of transactions on the real estate market and advised on numerous development projects for both Polish and foreign entities.

We have represented clients in complex litigation over some of the largest infrastructure investments in the country. We have participated in many complex transactions, representing and advising entrepreneurs operating in various industries, including heavy industry and mining.

For our clients we have obtained title deeds to real estate, decisions on development conditions and building permits. We have advised clients who own non-investment plots on obtaining sewage, water and energy connections and on implementing investments on plots subject to environmental protection, agricultural or forestry land.

For leading Polish developers and investment funds we have carried out real estate analyses in the context of acquisition, enhancement of real estate investment opportunities and implementation of investments. We have participated in construction process projects from the concept stage to the implementation stage.

We have extensive experience in litigation relating to acquisitive prescription, construction defects and the acquisition of rights in real estate, as well as in cases involving commercial leases and perpetual usufruct, in particular the transformation of perpetual usufruct into ownership.

We carry out construction investments in real estate under the supervision and with the cooperation of the conservation officer (comprehensive legal advice on the implementation of projects involving restructuring of historic properties – change of use from residential to office and service).

We have successfully handled cases concerning the implementation of infrastructure investments and related to financial instruments. We have participated, among others, in the process of privatisation, transformation and merger of one of the most important steelworks for the Polish economy, or in the process of privatisation and acquisition of Polish shipyards.

We have many years of experience in court and administrative proceedings, resulting from conducting numerous complex cases on behalf of entrepreneurs operating in various sectors of the economy, industry and infrastructure.