Marketing and advertising (Retail/B2C)

We advise on projects in the fields of advertising, art, design and business. We support our clients in the processes of rebranding, refreshing brands, products and corporate visualisation, creating new products, brands, sub-brands and packaging, or arranging interiors and spaces, both business and public.

We provide ongoing legal services to advertising agencies, production houses, media houses, PR firms, creative boutiques, full-service agencies and all other entities in the broadly defined advertising and marketing market, as well as advertisers (including well-known listed companies).

We create the legal framework for conducting marketing and promotional activities in the form of: promotional lotteries, competitions, premium sales and promotions on the Internet.

We cooperate with industry organisations such as the Association of Marketing Communication SAR (which brings together nearly 100 advertising and event agencies in Poland), MediaRun, We are regular auditors of the most important competitions in the advertising industry, such as Effie or KTR.

We provide day-to-day services to media houses, which includes client relations issues, including the creation and negotiation of contracts. In addition, we prepare all agreements with subcontractors, media owners and creators.

We provide opinions on marketing concepts and strategies, as well as on individual advertising activities and materials (so-called “copy clearance”) in terms of their compliance with the law, principles of fair trading, good practice and advertising restrictions on sensitive products (including pharmaceuticals, financial services, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling).

We prepare several dozen advertising consultations and opinions annually.

We advise in pre-court and court disputes related to the creation and use of advertising content.