Media and protection of reputation

For years, we have been successfully supporting clients in the fight to protect their reputation and good name. We have won many high-profile cases and have issued precedent-setting judgments.

Due to our experience in this area, we often advise on issues concerning public image and its protection.

In our practice, we deal with both the subject of violation of good name and reputation by the press and market competitors of the persons represented, and infringements of copyright and company rights.

Every year we handle dozens of cases involving the protection of personal rights, take effective pre-trial measures, and represent our clients in court. We act on behalf of those whose personal rights have been infringed, as well as helping them to defend themselves effectively against claims.

We prepare legal opinions on the risks associated with the infringement of personal rights in artistic, journalistic or marketing activity and advise in potential disputes. We represent companies and institutions defending their reputation, as well as individuals, including politicians, journalists, artists, businessmen and athletes. We handle precedent-setting cases, we also act in “atypical” cases, bordering on the protection of personal rights – e.g. concerning persistent harassment (stalking), or compensation for repressions from the communist era. We also have experience in criminal cases concerning defamation and press law.

We advise in crisis situations, advise on how to react and protect the reputation and value of a brand. We conduct litigation in cases involving the protection of image and good name. We have represented many public figures in disputes with, among others, press publishers and portals.