The second stage of lifting restrictions introduced in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak has begun. Since yesterday, hotels, shopping malls and medical rehabilitation can operate, and from Wednesday, May 6, it will be possible to open nurseries and kindergartens, operating by GIS guidelines.

However, it will not deprive parents of the possibility to use the child care allowance for a child under 8 years of age. Such allowance will continue to be paid to parents in a situation when a day-care centre or kindergarten is closed by virtue of a decision of local self-government when it is not possible to provide child care by an institution due to limitations caused by the COVID-19 epidemic or when a parent decides to leave a child at home. However, the child care allowance will not be granted if the child’s other parent can provide care for the child (e.g. is unemployed, takes parental leave, or parental leave).

The additional child care allowance will be granted for the period of closing down of nurseries, kindergartens, and other institutions as well as for the period when nannies are not able to provide care due to COVID-19, however not longer than until May 24, 2020.