A new Health Ministerial Order restricting the ban on movement and introducing restrictions on travel by public transport comes into force today.

The travel ban introduced in the Republic of Poland applies with the exception of:

  • to and from work;
  • volunteering in the fight against coronavirus;
  • necessary matters of everyday life.

ATTENTION: In case of a police check, the employee must inform the police about the purpose of the journey ( to or from work) and the address of work, the address of residence. No certificate from the employer is required.

The Ordinance has also introduced a further prohibition of assembly, extending it to meetings and gatherings of any kind, with the exception of meetings between a person and his/her immediate persons or with persons close to the person with whom he/she is cohabiting.

However, the above-mentioned restrictions on the number of persons do not apply to workplaces. In this case, the particularly strict recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector concerning keeping workers at a distance and means of disinfection should be followed (for more information: https://www.gov.pl/web/rozwoj/zalecenia-dla-zakladow-pracy-w-zwiazku-z-rozprzestrzenianiem-sie-koronawirusa).

The restrictions apply from Wednesday, 25 March to Saturday, 11 April.