Kinga Rochalska

Attorney at law
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She specialises in matters related to property valuation and spatial planning and development. In her legal practice, she focuses on matters related to the implementation of the construction process, as well as public procurement law, with a particular emphasis on works contracts.

She provides legal support of the construction process in the commercial sector from the conceptual stage (including due diligence) to the implementation stage (including construction contracts, design works contracts, leases). She also deals with court proceedings related to usucaption, defects in civil structures and the acquisition of property rights. She has experience in matters related to the right of perpetual usufruct, in particular the transformation of perpetual usufruct into ownership.

Within the framework of public procurement law, she provides comprehensive legal services with the aim of effective awarding of public procurement contracts. In particular, she provides legal support in the area of analysing the documentation provided by the contracting authority, identifying risks, assistance in the course of the procurement procedure, including the preparation of requests and tenders, as well as comprehensive support of the appeal procedure before the National Board of Appeal and regional courts.

Before LSW

She gained her professional experience in a notary’s office and a renowned law firm specialising in real estate law and public procurement law. She began her adventure with the real estate industry as PR Manager of a well-known real estate portal.

A registered attorney on the list of the Regional Council of Attorneys in Warsaw. She completed postgraduate studies in public procurement at the University of Warsaw and studies in real estate valuation at the Warsaw University of Technology. Currently in the process of obtaining a real estate appraiser’s license.

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